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gt_hemiptera's Journal

Aburame Shino
23 January
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Biology major (specializing in entomology) recently returned home from school in Brazil. Not much else to share.

The Past: When Shino seemingly random vanished from high school, he was in fact being dragged off to Europe by his father. Being the social genius that he is, he completely forgot to tell everyone until it was so late it was utterly embarrassing. He finished off high school in Portugal, then moved to Brazil to attend university majoring in biology, specializing in entomology (the study of bugs, as he constantly has to tell people who ask). Now he's back home, aiming to pick up the pieces of scrapped friendships (and possibly rebuild what he had going with Hinata) and find some sort of job (lusting, of course, after work at the bug room of the zoo).

The Username: "Hemi" means "half," "ptera" means wings. "Hemiptera" is the classification of insect commonly known as the "true bugs" group. The front wings of these insects are divided between a thickened basal region and a membranous tip.

[[ Shino portrayed by Bob Dylan on this RP journal of semchance for nhs2gt ]]